Managing wellbeing at work

Managing wellbeing at work

by Zen Family Member, David Redman


At Zenergi, we believe success starts with wellness, which is why we are taking responsibility for our team’s wellbeing in the workplace. We are providing quality resources and exceptional support to ensure our team’s wellbeing remains healthy. Our ‘Year of Wellness’ has given us the opportunity to invest in this further. Through our annual Strat event, to launching our Wellness Action Plans, we are listening to our team and their needs. As part of this, our Zen Family are championing each other, with care, kindness and support, rooted in the Zen way.

Wellness at work

I believe wellness is not just a feeling; it is an activity. The workplace is a fast-paced environment that can often become stressful if we let it overwhelm us. To avoid this, stop, take a deep breath, and follow the right steps to take control of your wellbeing. It is a journey, but start by saying you can, and you will.

Tips to live by

These are some of the best tips and approaches I have learnt and use to help my wellbeing in the workplace…maybe they can help you too!

“Do your worst first.”

There is a phrase called ‘eat the frog’ that is a metaphor for tackling the most challenging task of your day. Once you get into the mindset to ‘eat the frog’ at the beginning of the day to get your worst job of the day done first – the rest of the day feels more manageable and more deliverable.

“Aim for progress, not perfection.”

Progress is the best measure of success, not perfection. Trying to be perfect is exhausting. Trying to progress is motivating and empowering. No matter what position you are in, there is always room to grow and be better.

“Cut a task in half, and half again until it is manageable.”

When I feel overwhelmed by a task or project, I separate it into smaller, more manageable tasks. Once I have started using this method, I always feel better!

“Be impeccable with your words.”

Words are powerful, so make them count. Think about what you want to say and say it clearly.

“Seek the power of feedback.”

Giving and accepting feedback is critical to learning and development. Without feedback, we never truly know how well we, or others, are doing

Hear from our team

I will now pass you over to our Zen Family, to find out what actions they take to manage wellbeing in the workplace…

Bio: David Redman is Zenergi’s Finance Director. Since joining Zenergi, he has played a vital role in the business’s growth, dealing with acquisitions and overseeing the daily activity of the finance team. David is a wellbeing advocate and has a passionate love for life. He has even published his own book ‘Think Amazing, Be Amazing: A Life Philosophy’, which is packed full of more wellbeing advice.